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The SlimeFun Guide : Energy And Electricity
Started by Silux



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13 Aug 2022
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04 Sep 2022

The Energy and Electricity tab is most likely the most important tab if you want to get technical inside of SlimeFun, yes its not fun right off the bat but you will see that automation provides things to much more fun in SlimeFun later down the line of this awesome plugin.

♦ Power
The main focus of this tab is that you need power to run it all, with all the nonsensical ⇒512 J Capacity or ⇒64 J Buffer or ⇒16 J/s let me teach you some basics of the SF Power Systems


The power system is based off of Joules which are the only power unit inside of SlimeFun, this unit is always abbreviated as J and I will most likely refer to them as that more than a few times in this post. The only way you can check your amount of Joules in your power system at any given time is the Energy Regulator (I will get into this later) and a few ways you can store them are Capacitors or the Machines that have buffers themselves. You can produce Joules by using machines that have the lore that has a J/s on it, each of those do require different resources, make sure you have those resources before making the energy producing machines. (Remember this, Capacity will forever hold power until it is used or the thing is broken, buffers are slightly different, if the power generation stops, all buffers will immediately delete the power stored)


   ---The Energy Regulator
This is the "Core Component of an Energy Network" and should be crafted first! This block will show you how many Joules you have in your energy system and also provide as the connecting part to anything inside of your energy system, this block can detect Capacitors or Machines in a seven block path North, East, South, West, Up, or Down(Remember, this is not a sphere of influence, it is only directly to each direction and Capacitors are the only things that can expand this energy system) Along with this useful block you can start putting things on your energy system, congratulations! But now all you see when you place it down is "No Energy Network Connected" well, let me help with that as well


   ---The Capacitors
The item called "Small Energy Capacitor" should now be your next goal! This will provide your system with a way to store energy and also expand your energy setup, every time you place a Capacitor (of ANY size) your system will gain more blocks to put down your MachinesOnce as you have crafted the Small Energy Capacitor place it near your energy regulator and you will see probably the most satisfying thing a new SlimeFuner will see, a + This means you have been successful! Now, of course you can continue to keep crafting and placing these things down but how about moving on from the + and getting higher and higher numbers 
(Warning: Capacitors are one of the most bugged blocks in SlimeFun because the turn into heads called "CS_CoreLib's Head" if and when this happens please modreq this and we will fix them ASAP. Note: Other machines do this sometimes so please modreq them as well!)
Please include what type of machine it was in the modreq, If we have no evidence of the machine we will have to default it back to the lowest (eg a large energy capacitor could become small).


   ---Producing Basic Power
Enable to run those pesky Machines and fill up those Capacitors you must be able to produce power. If you remember from Part 1, you made a blaze farm! Now you have tones of blaze rods sitting around waiting to be used, well, today is their day! This is the third thing you should craft, the "Coal Generator". This generator is a nice early game Machine that will produce power for you at the cost of a few stacks of blaze rods or coal. This machine produces energy at 16 J/s and can run some basic machines such as the Electric Dust Washer, or Electric Gold Pan


   ---Producing Advanced Power
I know that this supposed to be a simple guide but I might as well tell you now that your main goal in the Power side of things is the power generator called the "Nuclear Reactor" this will turn into your main power source and you will use it a lot, there are many specifications to this and you should be careful when first using it, most likely using a YouTube Video or the actual guide itself.

Silux · about 1 month ago · Last edited: about 1 month ago